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  • International Empire Electric Deploys TerraGo Edge

    Revolutionizes Field Service and Remote Job Site Management

    Empire Electric has eliminated paper forms, accelerated estimates, work order approvals and site inspections while using smartphones and tablets to give their customers a real-time view of any job site at any time to improve service and lower costs.

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  • TerraGo Edge: Version 3.9.3

    Close the Loop on Geospatial Collaboration with TerraGo Edge

    TerraGo Edge 3.9.3 includes ”round trip” support for the Open Geospatial Consortium’s GeoPackage, an open, portable format for exchanging geospatial data seamlessly across vendor platforms and mobile devices.

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  • Louisiana DOT Goes Mobile for Levee Inspections

    Deploys TerraGo Edge for the Inspection of Flood Protection Infrastructure

    Public Works and Water Resources Division is using TerraGo Edge® to give field crews mobile forms on Android tablets for over 4,000 miles of annual levee inspections, plus customizable forms for any type of inspection including dams and reservoirs.

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  • TerraGo Edge: Mobile GPS Data Collection

    Your 5m, 2m, 1m, sub-meter, cm Solution

    With TerraGo Edge, organizations have the flexibility to choose among on-board GPS and compatible GPS receivers that meet their accuracy, operations and budget needs. They can even mix and match receivers among different types of users to give each employee exactly what they need – and nothing more.

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  • TerraGo OpenGeoPDF

    Bringing GIS-Lite to All Users in Your Organization

    Tap into the power of GeoPDF to bring your GIS, interactive maps and applications to users anywhere. ArcGIS users can create free, self-contained, lightweight GIS applications that can be used by anyone in the organization without purchasing any specialized software or requiring GIS training.

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  • TerraGo Edge: Free Mobile App for iOS or Android

    Powerful, New Field Data Collaboration and GPS Features

    Try the new TerraGo Edge Free App with new and improved free user experience to easily collect notes, complete forms and share data with others.

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Share, Access & Update GeoPDF Maps.
Anywhere. On Any Device. For Free.

Open up a world of possibilities for end users to view and update GeoPDF maps, imagery, CAD diagrams and more - from Windows desktops to iOS and Android.
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Proprietary GPS Hardware Mobile Device with TerraGo Edge

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Proprietary GPS Hardware Mobile Device with TerraGo Edge

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