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The Right Cloud for Your Most Valuable Asset


July 20, 2017

By Dave Gura

When you’re in the business of data collection, migration to the cloud is not a move to be taken lightly. And whether they’re environmental firms, utilities, police departments, energy providers, intelligence agencies or any one of our customers that span nearly every industry in over 70 countries… they are ALL in the business of data collection.

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Unlocking GIS for the People


July 13, 2017

By Stuart Miller

Hong Kong recently published a digital guide with all sorts of useful maps and mapbooks freely available for download by its citizens and visitors. Beyond navigation, the maps provide rich information on public transportation options, public services, points of interest and more. The wealth of information is extremely useful and it strikes me how often valuable geographic data, especially from government agencies, is locked away in GIS systems when it holds so much potential value for the public. And it can be easily shared with the masses by providing access in any location and on any device with 100% free software and apps.

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Cutting out the Middle Man


June 21, 2017

By David Basil

Connect your ArcGIS Desktop environment to mobile users anywhere

TerraGo has always helped ArcGIS® Desktop® users share their data-rich maps with end users….and not just as flat maps, but as interactive GIS-Lite applications, in which end-users can search, query, markup and extract data with the click of a button- even offline.

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GIS Café GEOINT 2017 Video: Scott Lee, Director of Federal Sales for TerraGo


June 19, 2017

By Summer Benish

At GEOINT 2017, Scott Lee, Director of Federal Sales for TerraGo, spoke with GIS Café about how TerraGo is focused on supporting complex GEOINT mission requirements by providing next-generation mobile application development solutions for sharing field-related geospatial content.

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