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TerraGo “the Zero-Code App Company”


June 7, 2017

By George Demmy

Later this month, TerraGo will mark its 12th year delivering software and solutions for our customers. The history goes back further, but 12 years is a long time in software and technology. The iPhone didn’t exist, being released, coincidentally on TerraGo’s second anniversary in 2007. What didn’t exist then is deemed an economic necessity today.

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A Lesson Learned at GEOINT 2016 – and Now a Year Later – About TerraGo Magic


June 7, 2017

By Mike Gundling

John Timar remembers being approached by an Army officer at GEOINT 2016 in Orlando, Florida -- before the official launch of TerraGo Magic

"He focused on doing nautical charts, mapping, Riverine stuff, and a week before GEOINT 2016, he hired an integrator to develop a mobile app for him to the tune of millions of dollars a year,” said Timar, TerraGo’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “I was showing him (plans for) TerraGo Magic, and I said to him, ‘Let me guess, you want on-line, off-line maps? You want GPS accuracy? You want forms to minimize human error? You want smart forms? You want tasking, interaction with the field? You want collaboration?’ "

Timar went on and on, and each time the engineer nodded “yes, yes, yes.”

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PODCAST:  TerraGo Showcasing Key Mobile Solutions at GEOINT 2017


In the following podcast interview, Scott Lee, ‎Director of Federal Sales for TerraGo, discusses TerraGo’s presence at the upcoming GEOINT 2017 Symposium taking place June 4-7 in San Antonio, Texas.

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This ain’t a hockey game


May 9, 2017

By Summer Benish

Zero-code and low-code mobile development platforms aren’t playing game 7 of the Eastern Conference series where only one team can win (which will be the Caps not the Penguins, sorry Basil). Both teams can win when you realize they are complementary concepts that together can transform the future enterprise.

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