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CIO Review: Zero-Code Application Development Brings Harmony for CIO and COO


August 4, 2017

By Summer Benish

Increasingly these days, a Chief Information Officer (CIO) has to defend IT turf from business peers who believe technological tools should be delivered more quickly and less expensively. Frequently that defense is conducted in the C-Suite, and it can be difficult when the turf is littered with broken promises of timely application delivery to a field force with technology acumen of its own, and with an eagerness to get the tools it needs to make jobs easier and more efficient.

Defense can be even more difficult when the CIO accompanies it with a request for more money to hire more highly paid, highly educated app developers, and when those developers still can’t cope with a six-month backlog, and with demand that outstrips supply 5 to 1.

These are some of the key themes recently highlighed by a TerraGo guest article in CIO Review. The article also covers the growing “Shadow IT” movement, and highlights the fastest-growing trend in digital mobility, zero-code, Platform-as-a-Service technology, which is at the core of TerraGo Magic.

In effect, zero-code platforms such as TerraGo Magic can bring the mainstream back to IT. The war between the CIO and COO is over. Everybody wins when IT makes the decision to join the ever-growing zero-code movement.

To read the full CIO Review article, please click here. In addition, to learn more about how TerraGo Magic can help you develop apps faster, reduce time to market, and cut your costs by 90 percent, please click here.