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Compliance without Complexity: How to lower your costs and get an ROI from your regulatory compliance programs

Compliance without Complexity: How to lower your costs and get an ROI from your regulatory compliance programs

October 12, 2016

By John Timar

To put it simply, the government has upped the ante. It is no longer acceptable to do things the same way that they’ve been done for the past 50 years.  We are in the world of the peripheral (that’s a fancy word my CEO uses to refer to mobile devices) and, theoretically, everything will be bigger, faster, and stronger once we fully embrace the state of now. 

From the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Water LEAD Act, to the recent PIPEs Act, new mandates abound for digital data collection and reporting during routine compliance monitoring, asset inspections, and safety audits. Requirements are not limited to the environmental and heavy industrial sectors regulated by the EPA, USDOT, and DOE.  They extend broadly across our economy. Think local airports and farmers.  Yup, everybody needs to get onboard.

The moral of the story is that government regulations are helping drive a revolution in business mobility in many sectors.  In fact, many customers contact us somewhere down the road in the process of their enterprise mobile transformation…typically, after a few false starts.  Much of what you need to know to get it right is covered in our previous blog post on “4 Tips for a Successful Enterprise Mobile Data Collection Deployment.” But, let me briefly point out 4 essential ingredients.

You will need a mobile platform that is:

1.      Open: So it can bolt on to any system and work with common data standards;

2.      Highly customizable: So you can build new forms as requirements emerge while avoiding the limitations of single purpose systems;

3.      Cloud-enabled: This is a big part of preventing data loss, which would cost you lots of time and money), and;

4.      Easy to administer: So you easily provide access to employees, contractors, or even the feds, while also tracking the revision histories of data collected).

Future-proof this aspect of your business by making the right investment today. Give us a call to learn how TerraGo Edge can help your business succeed. Or, if you want, make your own app with TerraGo Magic