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Consider a New Approach to Mobile GIS with a Zero-Code App Builder

Consider a New Approach to Mobile GIS with a Zero-Code App Builder

January 10, 2017

By Dave Basil

For over 10 years, our company has really been about extending the power of GIS, often ArcGIS®, to non-GIS users, making it more valuable, more relevant and accessible to all of a business’s end users.

And just like what’s happening with Salesforce.com and other more business-centric platforms, the end user demand for custom mobile, cloud-based solutions is growing rapidly. In Cloud 1.0, everybody rented the same exact web application (like Salesforce). In Cloud 2.0, companies want the benefit of the cloud but they don’t want the exact same application as their competitor.   

So while organizations look to customize ArcGIS® for their industry AND their unique business requirements, today they also want custom mobile apps. And not just web apps posing as mobile. Not inflexible COTS apps. Not a simple, standalone, map-based app. They need real, native, customized, cloud-based apps tailored to their specific business requirements and seamlessly integrated with their enterprise ArcGIS.

For most organizations, IT and GIS resources are already stretched too thin to build the first version, let alone maintain and support an app going forward. Other organizations lack the development skills, bandwidth or IT budget to even consider building custom ArcGIS apps themselves….so they pay consultants to do it for them, which takes too long, costs too much and fails too often.  

Well it’s time to consider a new approach where your end users can build custom apps in minutes. Check out our site to learn more. Or ask us for a 15 minute demo (that’s how long it takes an end user to build your custom iOS, Android and web apps for ArcGIS and more).