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Day 2 @ Smart Cities Connect


March 29, 2018

By Mike Gundling

When it comes to smart streetlight solutions for smart cities, it’s about the lights, the network and all the things you can build on top of it. When you’re done, you save more than 50% of your electric bill and eliminate millions of tons of C02. You can add things like smart traffic lights, noise sensors, cameras and all types of cool stuff that improves the lives of everyone in the city. And one thing’s clear at Smart Cities Connect - streetlights are the foundation and starting point for a lot of smart city projects. Everything else is often waiting on their completions.

At a conference, people walk up and ask “What do you do with Streetlights?”

Well at TerraGo, we don’t know anything about LED luminaries, but we do know cloud-based mobile workforce software. Our managers, architects, developers and UX designers are brilliant and hyper-focused on building streetlight applications that help get systems deployed faster. Luckily for us, our partners here at #scc18 are the industry’s leading experts. Our partner Acuity is demonstrating their DTN DSN networked photo controls which utilizes Itron’s Streetlight.Vision. Our colleague Rohan Patil from Acuity says this creates the perfect network canopy for the full range of smart city applications. Our part is making applications that get the streetlight network canopy deployed, and then keeping it easily maintained. The photo shows the app we built for Acuity, with their brand and customization. And it shows their lights and networked photo controls. We’re happy to be the workforce software behind Acuity’s great streetlight solutions. That’s what we do.