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GIS Café GEOINT 2017 Video: Scott Lee, Director of Federal Sales for TerraGo


June 19, 2017

By Summer Benish

At GEOINT 2017, Scott Lee, Director of Federal Sales for TerraGo, spoke with GIS Café about how TerraGo is focused on supporting complex GEOINT mission requirements by providing next-generation mobile application development solutions for sharing field-related geospatial content.

Check out the full GIS Café video interview here.

This year at GEOINT 2017, TerraGo showcased how the community can fully leverage the new mobile revolution in ways that improve tactical operations and situational awareness with a common operational picture.
As Scott highlighted in this video interview, at GEOINT 2017, TerraGo launched its R3 mobile app, customized for the missions of recce, response and recovery. Built entirely using TerraGo Magic, the zero-code platform enables customers to build apps tailored to their unique operations with web services, custom map products, imagery, forms and workflows.

Here are some key highlights from this video interview:

  • Insights about what TerraGo showcased at GEOINT 2017. (:30)
  • Why the R3 mobile app was developed for the GEOINT community. (1:09)
  • Why these types of mobile solutions are vital for the GEOINT community. (2:00)
  • How the GEOINT community is evolving. (2:55)
  • Why TerraGo is unique in the marketplace. (4:15)

Please be sure to listen to this recent TerraGo podcast with Scott about GEOINT 2017 here. In addition, here’s a recent, from-the-floor GEOINT 2017 article about TerraGo. If you would like to connect with Scott about TerraGo’s solutions, please contact him This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..