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Partner Spotlight: Western Data Systems’ Magic Secret to P.L.A.N.I.T. Mobile Data Collection

September 28, 2017

By Jimmy Jordan, GIS Solutions Consultant and Co-Owner

Western Data Systems (WDS) recently launched their own custom data collection application, P.L.A.N.I.T. (Points, Lines, Areas, Navigation, Information, Tasks) using the TerraGo Magic zero-code platform as a service. Jimmy Jordan, co-owner and GIS consultant, created the app himself in days using his industry expertise and the Magic click-not-code AppStudio. Here’s what he said about why WDS selected TerraGo:

“WDS chose to build the P.L.A.N.I.T. mobile data collection application using TerraGo Magic because of the ability to easily configure powerful, field-proven features that are important to our customers, including dynamic smart forms, the ability to leverage not only the Trimble BYOD receivers and LTI Laser Rangefinders, but a plethora of other NMEA capable GNSS receivers on the market today, as well as the ability to attach multiple forms to one location which I believe will revolutionize inspection workflows. Also, the GPS data collection features available to configure into our app are the first I’ve seen pairing turn-by-turn navigation with linear guidance, allowing features in the field to be revisited much more efficiently. P.L.A.N.I.T.’s ability to be used in an offline environment means productivity does not end with your network coverage. It is also nice to not be locked into a single office output, while you can direct connect to ArcServer or ArcGIS Online, users can also leverage the REST API to integrate P.L.A.N.I.T. forms and spatial data into their existing enterprise systems such as Salesforce, SAP, and others.”

Download the WDS P.L.A.N.I.T. mobile data collection application for iOS or Android. To learn more about Western Data Systems, visit

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