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PODCAST: TerraGo’s Expansion Into the Smart Cities Arena


March 20, 2018

By Mike Gundling

In the following podcast interview, Mike Gundling, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at TerraGo, discusses how TerraGo has been making major forays into the Smart Cities arena, especially when it comes to supporting award-winning smart street lighting projects.

While Smart Cities technologies are now dominating today’s media headlines, TerraGo actually has a long history of developing location-based apps for utilities, and other players, in this ever-evolving arena.

Recently, TerraGo has been playing a significant role in bringing smart street lighting projects to life with its award-winning smart streetlight management platform.  This includes working with Ameresco to convert their high-pressure sodium lights to LED for the city of Richmond Hill, Ontario. 

This effort has resulted in the savings of nearly $1 million in estimated operations costs annually and in addition, has enabled future smart city applications, including for traffic lights, water and gas meters.

TerraGo has also helped the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department build a cloud-enabled, zero-code app for homeless outreach that provides data to 88 different agencies. Both the Richmond Hill and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department case studies were named Smart 50 Award winners, which will be highlighted at the upcoming Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo.

Following are some additional highlights from this podcast interview:

  • TerraGo’s legacy in the Smart Cities arena. (:38)
  • The company’s smart lighting efforts that help create “smart cities networks that pay for themselves.” (1:45)
  • More insights into TerraGo’s customer case studies that are being named Smart 50 Award winners. (3:20)
  • What the future holds for TerraGo when it comes to Smart Cities. (4:50)
  • How TerraGo is really at the beginning when it comes to transforming cities with key mobile innovations. (6:42)

For more information about TerraGo and its Smart Cities solutions, please contact us here.  In addition, for Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo attendees, please be sure to stop by the TerraGo booth (#224) to learn more.