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Sensors & Systems: Taking a Page from GPS History in Building TerraGo Magic


August 30, 2017

By Summer Benish

Handheld geo-location is as old as the compass, but its use has accelerated at the speed of the smartphone over the past decade with the addition of GPS.

Government, industry and academia are in a never-ending search for ways to use location-based data, writes our own Mike Gundling, TerraGo’s Vice President of Product Development and Marketing, in a recent Sensors & Systems guest article titled, “Taking a Page from GPS History in Building Vertical Solutions.”

“Environmental organizations conduct wetlands delineation surveys,” said Gundling. “Transportation companies track trucks and trains. Public service officials seek law enforcement and emergency preparedness solutions. Utilities seek efficiencies for maintaining power and pipeline infrastructure, and on it goes.”

While missions and their scope vary, a thread runs through them all: location-based data, directed from a map, reported on a form and acted upon by headquarters and field in concert.

“In many ways,” Gundling writes. “TerraGo Technologies developed its zero-code, Platform-as-a-Service Magic application along a similar path to that of GPS users. As data customer needs expanded, TerraGo recognized a need to be industry-agnostic, and an opportunity to introduce and enhance collection verticality into every entity that uses geospatial data.”

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