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TerraGo Edge 3.6 Ups the Ante on Precision GPS, Surveying and Mapping

TerraGo Edge 3.6 Ups the Ante on Precision GPS, Surveying and Mapping

June 2, 2015

By Mike Gundling

3.6 is a BIG release. Or at least it’s a big deal for the TerraGo team and our customers.  TerraGo Edge is the first iOS and Android app that integrates directly with a full range of high accuracy GPS receivers.  TerraGo Edge v 3.6 features enhanced support for sub-meter and centimeter GPS receivers on both iOS and Android, as well as a host of new mapping features, basemap sources and integration with Google Earth. One of our technology partners, Brian Mickel from LHNAV calls this “the future of GPS data collection.”  If you haven’t tried TerraGo Edge yet, this is a great time for a field test.   We’re raising the bar for the other mobile GPS solutions out there. And we’re not stopping here. We’re committed to the pace of innovation that means our customers don’t wait months (or even years, ahem) for their most wanted features.

There are a lot of cool features in this release:

  • Sub-meter and cm precision with SXBlue and EOS GPS receivers for iOS and Android
  • Polygon and polyline note support added on iPhone and Android
  • Auto-drawing polygons and polylines using GPS points
  • Multi-note view on iPhone and Android
  • KML import and export added to growing list of data interfaces, improves Google Earth integration
  • New mapping features and editing of polygon notes
  • New “over-zoom” feature allows extreme map zooming on all devices and basemaps
  • Brand new basemap source options

TerraGo Edge delivers features that matter for all stakeholders. For the field users, TerraGo Edge delivers any level of precision with unparalleled support for a full range of Bluetooth GPS receivers on Android and iOS. For the manager, TerraGo Edge provides a real-time dashboard for monitoring field users and data collection. For GIS users, TerraGo Edge provides accuracy settings that ensure GPS data quality, with tools for QA and open export to any GIS or CAD system.