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TerraGo Edge 3.8.1 is What’s Great About Being Agile

TerraGo Edge 3.8.1 is What’s Great About Being Agile

December 8, 2015

By Dave Basil

When the software industry talks about agile development, the emphasis is on speed to market and incremental changes. But what’s really cool about agile development is that these rapid, iterative changes often represent huge leaps in product capabilities for our customers.

Following fast on the heels of our 3.8.0 release, we’ve just released our 3.8.1 version. Convention would dictate this is not a major release, or even a minor one, but a patch release with numerous performance enhancements and fixes, which are certainly part of 3.8.1. But we also introduced some great new capabilities that our customers have asked us for…  With their feedback from the field, we re-imagined the user experience for downloading notebooks (maps, forms, data) from the server to the end user’s smartphones and tablets. The result is a massive leap in performance, not just for our software but in the user’s productivity on the job, the most important metric we have.   We also added file geodatabase imports for our ArcGIS customers.   File geodatabase offers a ton of performance and data management benefits over other formats and our users are thrilled with this addition to our data interface options. As always, we’re committed to making TerraGo Edge the industry’s most open and most flexible mobile data collection platform so they can seamlessly work with their GIS and other systems. This is another big step for ArcGIS users. Finally, we continued to expose the features of Edge to our enterprise customers with the addition of new functions to the REST API. Our enterprise customers are integrating Edge with their applications using multiple languages on numerous platforms and we’ll continue expanding and enhancing this framework for their success. Our 3.8.1 release was everything that’s awesome about agile. It was fast. And from a software change perspective, it was incremental. But for our customers, it’s a big deal. 

To learn more, check out the TerraGo Edge 3.8.1 Overview Video.