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TerraGo Magic is Changing the Face of IT Departments

TerraGo Magic is Changing the Face of IT Departments

April 18, 2017

By Mike Gundling

In an era when IT departments are tasked with doing more for less, while still being depended upon to drive the competitive advantage, TerraGo has stepped up with a solution to span the dichotomy: TerraGo Magic.

A zero-code platform that lets end users build mobile applications by clicking choices from a menu, rather than writing code, TerraGo Magic enables IT departments to deliver a data collection tool to those who will use it without relinquishing control over architecture, integration and security choices.

“It’s sustainable development for the future because it creates an entirely new pool of resources,” writes Dave Basil, TerraGo’s Vice President of Products and Services, in an article in the March issue of Software Magazine. “It’s the perfect analogy for the proverbial teaching a person how to fish.”

The growing demand for apps to support mobile data collection is stressing IT, which operates under considerable scrutiny in a time of pressured resources. Gartner predicts market demand for mobile apps will grow at least five times faster than IT’s capacity to support them, and that demand is driving the need for highly paid, highly skilled app developers to service a backlog that can stretch as long as a year.

TerraGo Magic can take pressure off both time and people, writes Basil. It can foster a strategic approach to break the app development bottleneck while freeing up IT resources to do the department’s more traditional jobs. TerraGo Magic also can spur innovation – if departments will break free of traditional methods of operations and remove blinders that make it difficult to cede some of its turf.

TerraGo Magic also can lower an app’s lifecycle costs for operations, maintenance and infrastructure, which can be difficult to forecast as technology evolves and brings along the need to update. New TerraGo Magic updates are released every 4-6 weeks, and as the feature library grows, existing TerraGo Magic-created apps can be updated through a “click not code” portal.  

Writes Basil in Software magazine: “In the end, the IT department emerges as the true enabling partner in the eyes of business stakeholders. The IT resource challenge becomes manageable, and the newfound development capacity of business users spurs innovation and competitive advantage.”

To read the full Software Magazine article, please click here.  In addition, to learn more about how TerraGo Magic can help you develop apps faster, reduce time to market, and cut your costs by 90 percent, please click here.