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TerraGo Turns your Workers into Sensors

TerraGo Turns your Workers into Sensors

December 10, 2015

By Mike Gundling

In a culture attuned to the latest technology, sometimes organizations miss some of their most important assets: people.

“How ubiquitous all of the news is with UAVs and drones and things like that!” Our Chief Technology Officer George Demmy said in a recent interview with Bhanu Rekha of GEOBUIZ,. “But organizations have a massive network of sensors that they’re not taking advantage of today.

“Every person inside that organization can contribute in a meaningful way … by serving as a sensor. Companies that are forward leaning, that can solve the problem of Bring Your Own Device, (that) can start taking advantage of their own workforce, are going to have significant opportunities over the companies that don’t.”

Demmy outlined ways TerraGo is working to facilitate those opportunities for government, defense and business with products such as the Edge, GeoPDF – including GeoPackage OpenGeoPDF -- and Publisher geospatial data collection and sharing solutions.

“These people are in different silos,” Demmy said. “They do different things, but they all still need to get access to this information. This is just a way of helping to break down those barriers.”

As businesses become more spread out, the communications capabilities become more important, and with a growing availability and use of data, those capabilities have become more complex and layered. The desire to simplify the process of gathering and using data is a driver in TerraGo’s development of technology.

“One of the things we’ve spent a lot of time doing is to try to bring about this consumer ease of use, as easy to use as your Facebook app,” Demmy said. “We’ve worked very hard to optimize the data collection experience, to make it very simple.

“Then on the back end, syncing with the server is handled seamlessly. It’s designed from the ground up to work completely disconnected, so the user just does the job, collects information off line, the maps are accessible off line, but when they come back on line, everything is synced with the server.”

Demmy forecast a future of increased opportunities as TerraGo develops more uses and more ways to use distributed workforces.

“We want to be at the forefront of helping those companies make that jump,” he said.

Below is the full interview.