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This ain’t a hockey game


May 9, 2017

By Summer Benish

Zero-code and low-code mobile development platforms aren’t playing game 7 of the Eastern Conference series where only one team can win (which will be the Caps not the Penguins, sorry Basil). Both teams can win when you realize they are complementary concepts that together can transform the future enterprise.

That’s the argument Mike Gundling, TerraGo’s VP of Product Management and Marketing, makes in recent article in EnterpriseAppsTech entitled, “Why mobile apps development is a community with room for everybody.”

The article suggests that you need professional developers to continuously innovate and exploit emerging hardware and software capabilities, while tackling the tough stuff like security and enterprise architecture.

At the same time, zero-code platforms, such as TerraGo Magic, allow end users to build their mobile apps by simply assembling the self-described building blocks created by developers.

Gartner says end user demand outstrips developer capacity by 5:1. So just making your developers 30% more productive with low-code tools, while awesome, doesn’t make up the gap. But if you can turn your end users into “app builders”, using developer-certified, enterprise-approved building blocks, then you’ve changed the equation from the supply side. And everyone wins. Except the Penguins.

To read the full EnterpriseAppsTech article, please click here.  In addition, TerraGo’s David Basil authored an article for Software Magazine, also addresses advantages zero-code products like TerraGo Magic offer to IT departments. Read that article here