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Utility Products Magazine: Building Smarter Apps for Smart Utilities and Cities


January 15, 2018

By Summer Benish

In the aftermath of the most disastrous hurricane season in memory, utilities are including lessons learned in plans to cope with the next emergency. Those plans can dovetail with emerging networked capability built into smart city projects that use elements of the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide data to drive emergency response, direct maintenance and repair, and manage resources.

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American City & County: The New Cloud Over Smart Cities


December 19, 2017

By Summer Benish

While 66 percent of U.S. cities are currently investing in smart city technologies, and 25 percent of those without smart city systems are exploring how to embrace this new frontier, there still is the question about the definition of a “smart city.”

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Partner Spotlight: Western Data Systems’ Magic Secret to P.L.A.N.I.T. Mobile Data Collection


September 28, 2017

By Jimmy Jordan, GIS Solutions Consultant and Co-Owner

Western Data Systems (WDS) recently launched their own custom data collection application, P.L.A.N.I.T. (Points, Lines, Areas, Navigation, Information, Tasks) using the TerraGo Magic zero-code platform as a service. Jimmy Jordan, co-owner and GIS consultant, created the app himself in days using his industry expertise and the Magic click-not-code AppStudio. Here’s what he said about why WDS selected TerraGo:

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Sensors & Systems: Taking a Page from GPS History in Building TerraGo Magic


August 30, 2017

By Summer Benish

Handheld geo-location is as old as the compass, but its use has accelerated at the speed of the smartphone over the past decade with the addition of GPS.

Government, industry and academia are in a never-ending search for ways to use location-based data, writes our own Mike Gundling, TerraGo’s Vice President of Product Development and Marketing, in a recent Sensors & Systems guest article titled, “Taking a Page from GPS History in Building Vertical Solutions.”

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