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Blog Series: 4 Tips for a Successful Enterprise Mobile Data Collection Deployment: Agility

September 28, 2016

By John Timar

Mobile technologies evolve at an unprecedented pace, especially when held in comparison to their predecessor…the PC. Further millions of people globally are turning to mobile devices to manage and deploy their field workforce across industries and functions.  The reality is that while the mission may be very similar – inspect a power pole or a roof top or a levee – the workflows and skills required for these jobs differ greatly.

Blog Series: 4 Tips for a Successful Enterprise Mobile Data Collection Deployment

September 26, 2016

By John Timar

We talk to so many customers that are ready to move on from traditional, proprietary data collection solutions to modern, mobile and cloud technologies. Yet, the thought of changing from the old guard causes anxiety and the plethora of data collection solutions on the market makes it challenging to select the best solution for your business. 

In this blog series, we’ll talk about 4 tips to consider when evaluating mobile data collection solutions and set you on the path to a successful deployment.

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Champions are made in the off-season (now's the time add muscle to your field data collection...)

September 20, 2016

By Dave Gura

Organizations seeking to deploy mobile apps for the field workforce tend to experience the same conundrum.  It is a very typical chicken and the egg scenario.  There is a natural tendency to want to invest in new mobile apps during the busy season. You are flush with new projects and tight timelines. You are off the grid, or maybe under the grid, trying to get your work done. At some point, you may experience a common frustration…that is, you are more productive on Facebook than you are with the data collection tools available to you. It is imperative that you modernize your business to stay on top of your game, but bandwidth issues coupled with the downside of getting it wrong encumber your ability to make the switch. 

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The Evolution of TerraGo’s GeoPDF Software Suite to Version 7.0

September 15, 2016

By George Demmy

TerraGo released version 6 of its GeoPDF software suite in the summer of 2011, making the recently released version 7.0 the first nominally “major” release in half a decade. Of course, over the years, we’ve added a bunch of new features both on the production and consumption side, often the two working in concert. The most significant of these, in my opinion, is GeoPackage feature attributes, which has been further extended in 7.0, but there are other compelling features as well, including our ability to configure GeoPDF layers independent of ArcMap’s table of contents, giving the ability to place any ArcMap item on any layer of the author’s choosing, including layers that don’t exist in the ArcMap TOC. We’ve overhauled the UI making it much easier to configure and manage these custom layer configurations in 7.0, and indeed, this is one of the killer features that completely differentiate a rote export process and a serious tool for publishing geospatial information like TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS. Likewise, PubPy – TerraGo’s ArcPy-compatible Python programming language extensions – have been rounded out and coverage deepened.

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