TerraGo Management Team

Chris Broderick-web

Chris Broderick - President and Chief Executive Officer

Chris Broderick is President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of TerraGo, and is responsible for the company’s growth initiatives. As a software industry veteran, Broderick brings over fifteen years of executive leadership to TerraGo.

Broderick was formerly CEO of GroupLogic, a provider of software products that enable the sharing and storage of enterprise data across platforms, which was acquired by Acronis in 2012. He also served as CEO of CoreStreet, a firm specializing in converged security software, which was acquired by ActivIdentity in December of 2009. Prior to joining CoreStreet, Broderick acted as Senior Vice President and General Manager of CA's (NYSE: CA) $500 million storage management business unit. Broderick also served as Senior Vice President and General Manager for CA's North American Consulting Business, a $125M unit.

Mr. Broderick holds a B.S. in both Aerospace Engineering and Mathematics from the University of Maryland, and did his graduate work in Electrical Engineering at George Mason University.

David Stokely-web

David Stokely - Chief Financial Officer

As TerraGo's CFO, Dave Stokely oversees the company's financial operations. Stokely is a senior technology executive with over twenty-five years of leadership and experience in financial, IT, sales and operations management.

He was formerly CFO of Red Cloud Security, an access control company that was acquired by Avigilon in 2013. Prior to joining Red Cloud, Stokely served as co-founder and CFO of GroupLogic, a mobility software company acquired by Acronis in August 2012. At GroupLogic, he was responsible for all administrative, financial and IT functions of the company. Stokely led many corporate growth initiatives including strategic acquisitions and transitioned the business from traditional software licensing to a Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription model while managing finance, sales and account management operations.

Stokely has a B.A. in economics from Duke University.

Dave Basil-3x5

David Basil - Vice President, Products and Services

David Basil serves as Vice President of Products and Services for TerraGo. Basil is a seasoned business and technology executive with a proven track record of delivering market-leading software solutions and high-growth business results for emerging technology companies. Basil has more than 24 years of experience in all facets of business operations, including product development, professional services, technical support, sales, marketing and international operations.

Prior to joining TerraGo, Basil was CEO of RedCloud Security, a cloud-based access control software company, where he more than doubled revenues each year and led its successful acquisition by Avigilon in 2013. He also served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Products and Solutions at Metron Aviation, where he established and managed a software business unit, which grew sales by over 400% annually, and was instrumental in the company's acquisition by Airbus. In addition, Basil held the position of Vice President of Product Development and Global Services for Era Corporation, a high technology provider of air traffic management and airport operations solutions, where he was actively involved in the company's growth strategy which grew revenues from $1 million to $45 million in two years and the company's sale to SRA International.

Basil previously held executive-level leadership positions at General Electric Company and several leading-edge software companies in the information technology, communications, security and aviation industries. Basil graduated with a Bachelor's Degree of Science in Computer Science and Business from Siena College.

Summer Benish

Summer Benish - Vice President, Sales Operations and Customer Support

As the Vice President of Sales Operations and Customer Support, Summer Benish is responsible for managing the systems and functions that are essential to sales enablement, sales productivity and customer success. Benish has over 12 years of experience leading sales, channel and operations organizations in the mobile technology space.

Benish was formally Vice President of Worldwide Sales at GroupLogic, where she grew sales over 50% year-over-year, prior to the acquisition of the firm by Acronis in August 2012. Additional tenure at GroupLogic includes the Director of Channel Development, where Benish was essential to the development of the company's channel strategy and the launch of the first channel partner program.

Her experience also includes the management of channel and product marketing initiatives at Proxim Wireless, Inc. and Terabeam Wireless. 

Benish has a B.A. in Communications from George Mason University.

Michael Bufkin-web

Michael Bufkin - Chief Solutions Architect

A founder of TerraGo and co-patent holder for the process that creates georeferenced PDF, Michael Bufkin has been involved in the evolution of TerraGo GeoPDF and the products that produce and display GeoPDF maps and imagery since the beginning. Today his role is primarily in architecting solutions for customers who want to “push TerraGo products to the limits, creating applications that we never thought possible when we founded the company.”

George Demmy-web

George Demmy - Chief Technology Officer

George Demmy is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and one of the founding members of TerraGo Technologies. In the role of CTO, he has responsibilities for oversight of various product and technical initiatives at TerraGo. During his tenure at TerraGo, Demmy has held roles in product development, architecture, marketing and management, and continues to participate in these and other aspects of company business.

Through his career, Demmy has designed, written and managed the development of technologies, libraries and applications for location-based information and workflows. Working from requirements from both regulated industries as well as those from Federal Agencies, Demmy helped pioneer the use of georeferenced documents, which resulted in TerraGo's patented GeoPDF technologies. He has participated in the development of other products and technologies related to geocontextualization of unstructured data and documents, location-enabled collaboration and creating interactive, immersive map-oriented experiences for the sharing, exploration and analysis of data.

Demmy holds a BA in Physics from Florida State University and an ME and Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering from the University of Florida.


Mike Gundling-web

Michael Gundling - Vice President, Product Management and Marketing

Mike Gundling serves as Vice President of Product Management and Marketing. Gundling is a dynamic, high-tech product and marketing executive with more than 20 years experience in launching market-leading products and award-winning marketing programs that drive rapid growth for venture-backed software companies.

Prior to joining TerraGo, Gundling was Chief Marketing Officer at Metron Aviation, now a subsidiary of Airbus, where he repositioned a small research services company to launch a commercial software business and helped win the largest small business contract in FAA history, growing revenues from $17 million to $43 million in 2 years.
Gundling previously held executive leadership positions with Era, SRA, iLumin, CA and Thomson Reuters.

Gundling graduated with honors from Brown University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, and earned a Master of Science degree in computer science from the University of Maryland.

John Timar-web

John Timar - Vice President, Worldwide Sales

John Timar serves as a Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development.  Prior to this role, Timar was the Senior Director of Federal Programs and also served as Director of Strategic Alliances.  

Timar has extensive experience leading new business initiatives for early stage ventures in multiple industries.  Prior to TerraGo, John was a business practice leader at Eurasia Group where he was instrumental in expanding the business into previously untapped defense and intelligence markets. While working for Control Risks, John was a founding member of the fastest growing business unit in the company worldwide. Timar’s experience also includes roles with startup and mature consulting firms.

Timar served as a U.S. Navy SEAL and holds a MPP from the University of Chicago and a BA in Economics and International Relations from the University of Colorado at Boulder.