Electric Light & Power: Understanding cybersecurity for non-technical utility executives

April 23, 2019

If you attended DistribuTECH 2019 and joined any of the “defending the grid” sessions, you saw that intense focus continues in all things cybersecurity. It seems everyone realizes cybersecurity has rapidly become one of the greatest operational risk to a utility. Due to the extreme technical nature of threats and preventative measures, if you are not a cybersecurity expert these can be very difficult to discuss, let alone understand.

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Trajectory Magazine: Bridging GEOINT and IoT for Secure Smart Cities

January 25, 2019

As the GEOINT Community expands beyond traditional defense and intelligence arenas, so do innovations that marry geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) technology with the Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity to create smart cities and smart military bases.

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Smart Energy International: ComEd digitises rollout and management of smart streetlights

August 23, 2018

US energy provider ComEd has partnered with smart utility solutions firm TerraGo to improve management of smart streetlights.

The solutions firm has supplied the energy provider with two mobile apps that will help automate the inventory, installation and commissioning of approximately 140,000 smart streetlights.

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Pipeline & Gas Journal: Mobile Technology Takes Pipeline Data to the Cloud

July 31, 2018

One of the biggest challenges facing the construction of pipeline projects is that they operate in a dynamic, complex environment where external bottlenecks and stakeholders can introduce excessive delays and costs.

To meet those changes, contractors and pipeline managers are increasingly being asked for data to support regulatory compliance, cost management, safety and maintenance objectives — the meat and potatoes of the industry.

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GPS World: TerraGo launches reconnaissance app in NGA GEOINT store

May 24, 2018

TerraGo, a provider of dissemination and collaboration software for defense and intelligence agencies, has announced the availability of R3 for immediate download in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA) GEOINT App Store.

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Trajectory Magazine: Extending the Common Operational Picture

April 12, 2018

In years past, adding new capabilities to extend defense and intelligence platforms has seemed like a monolithic quest to rebuild the platform itself—as if with every new requirement came the need to reinvent the wheel. Compounded by slow-moving federal procurement systems, adaptability of critical platforms moved at a glacial pace, especially as the platform’s popularity and operational value grew.

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Renewable Energy Magazine: TerraGo presented with Smart 50 Award for Canadian smart street lighting project

April 12, 2018

Smart streetlight company TerraGo has been presented with a Smart 50 Award at Smart Cities Connect in Kansas, an event which convened leading technology companies with city leaders from around the world.

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LEDs Magazine: Toronto town settles on smart lights for now

April 11, 2018

Broader smart city functions could come later, but the clever, cost-saving LED lights will at first stick closer to illumination purposes.Broader smart city functions could come later, but the clever, cost-saving LED lights will at first stick closer to illumination purposes. 

In another reminder that there's “smart” and then there's “really smart,” the large town of Richmond Hill, Ontario, has replaced conventional street lights with smart, Internet-connected LED luminaires that have slashed energy and maintenance costs, but where the really smart stuff is yet to come.

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Utility Products: Building Smarter Apps for Smarter Cities

December 21, 2017

The hurricane season has never been as devastating and widespread, with storm-driven power outages challenging utilities in ways difficult to imagine before Harvey struck Texas, Irma hit the Caribbean and Florida, and Maria destroyed Puerto Rico's electric grid, leaving all of its 3.4 million residents without power.

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AFCEA: U.S. Navy Must Keep Geospatial Intelligence Afloat

November 1, 2017

The sea service needs to develop a sustainable solution rather than relying on the NGA.

The U.S. Navy has outsourced geospatial intelligence at sea, delaying its investment in a solution to this core intelligence competency for the afloat commander. The service needs to train its analysts to produce geospatial intelligence and acquire software and hardware for them. A cost-effective systems solution exists, but the lack of commitment to geospatial intelligence holds the Navy back.

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