Sensors & Systems: Taking a Page from GPS History in Building ‘Zero-Code’ Solutions

August 28, 2017

Ever since the first GPS satellite went aloft–and especially since the first smartphones and tablets provided GPS positioning–government, industry and academia have been in a never-ending search for new ways to use location-based data. Environmental organizations conduct wetland delineation surveys. Transportation companies track trucks and trains. Public-service officials seek law-enforcement and emergency preparedness solutions. Utilities seek efficiencies for maintaining power and pipeline infrastructure, and on it goes.

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CIO Review: Zero-Code Application Development Lets CIO and COO Work Together Again

July 28, 2017

The numbers that define the burgeoning demand for mobile applications are both startling and revealing. While the latest rapid app development tools have enabled some leading IT shops to increase productivity at an astounding 30 percent, the growing demand for mobile apps still outstrips IT capacity 5-to-1.

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Voices Earth: Our Definitive List of Top 10 Global Geospatial Brands

July 20, 2017

The foundation of today’s geospatial intelligence efforts comes down to accessing and sharing mapping, imagery and spatial data to enhance decision-making. Whether it’s for military, agriculture, city planning, environmental planning, or disaster management, the use of geospatial solutions is nearly limitless.

As a result, there are a number of companies that play a critical role in providing the software, hardware, satellites, drones, and data management systems that turn spatial information into actionable intelligence.

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American Security Today: Seiler Selects TerraGo Magic to Build its Mobile GNSS App

June 20, 2017

TerraGo has entered into a new partnership with Seiler Instrument, a leading provider of surveying software and instruments.

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GIS Cafe: GEOINT 2017 Interview with Scott Lee, Director of Federal Sales, TerraGo Technologies

June 19, 2017

At GEOINT 2017, Scott Lee, Director of Federal Sales for TerraGo, spoke with GIS Café about how TerraGo is focused on supporting complex GEOINT mission requirements by providing next-generation mobile application development solutions for sharing field-related geospatial content.

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GPS World: Leveraging Mobile GPS Apps is a Matter of Time

June 1, 2017

The latest mobile GPS apps and innovations are transforming the nature and quality of field data collection, saving time and money while shedding limitations of legacy devices.

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GPS World: TerraGo Edge version 4 uses iOS, Android flexibility

June 1, 2017

The profession of land surveying has taken advantage of many technological location and measuring advancements, yet most of the data collectors used today are still based upon aging proprietary data collectors and even older operating system platforms.

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GPS World: TerraGo Magic enables design of custom applications without coding

May 9, 2017

While change is constant, one thing that has become standard is the use of handheld mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are used by almost everyone and the professional surveying community is no different. The process of data collection for specific purposes often needs to be tailored to each project type, yet traditional surveying methods are not flexible in allowing customization easily.

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Enterprise Apps Tech: Why mobile app development is a community with room for everybody

May 5, 2017

In the beginning, mobile app construction often started with end users sketching interfaces, data flow diagrams and designs – showing a picture to a highly trained, highly skilled developer – and saying “build it.” After a lengthy process of planning, hand coding, testing, prototyping and production, the app was ready – months, even a year later.

Fast forward to today’s zero-code development, in which apps are built from menus of already-built features, then deployed through the App Store, Google Play or the cloud in hours or days.

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GPS World: Timesaving webinar on survey data collection

May 3, 2017

Time has great impact in the enterprise mobility continuum. Developing tools for mobile workers has long been the sole province of IT, but the demand for mobile apps is stretching IT to the breaking point. Demand for mobile apps is five times greater than IT capacity, according to one market study.

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