GIS Products

GeoPDF® provides groundbreaking technology that places interactive maps into the hands of anyone, anywhere.

TerraGo’s GeoPDF products provide simple, yet powerful, ways to deliver interactive, georeferenced maps that can be easily accessed and used by field workers and decision-makers wherever they might be. The open, universal accessibility of GeoPDF enables easy collaboration amongst users to access, update and share intelligent maps and imagery, inside and outside the organization.

GeoPDF Capabilities and Assets

  • Robust Layer Control: Compile several layers into a single PDF, with the ability to utilize as many, or as few as needed at one time
  • Georegistration: Embed coordinates within a map document to view and navigate with ease
  • Feature Attributes: Transform standard, static documents, into a dynamic intelligent map that invites users to explore the data used to create it
  • Hyperlinks: Embed hyperlinks to images, documents, websites and web services to bring maps to life with dynamic content
  • Offline Access: Access maps and data without a connection to the internet, anywhere, anytime

TerraGo’s GeoPDF products include

GeoPDF is the essence of GIS collaboration and common situation awareness. These solutions enable users to share data with GIS and non-GIS individuals alike. The simplicity of GeoPDFs enables organization-wide access to key data to make critical decisions faster and simpler