GeoPDF of the Sept 2010 Boulder Fire

Using imagery captured on Sept. 7, 2010 by DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite, TerraGo created this GeoPDF image. The image captured by DigitalGlobe is a pan-sharpened false color composite. The false color band combination shows healthy vegetation as bright red and allows for greater visualization of the burn area.

Using TerraGo Publisher for Raster, the original image was reduced from 240Mb to 7Mb for easy distribution online, via email, or by other means. By downloading TerraGo Toolbar, you can use this image to perform geospatial functions such as:

Access Geo

  • Use while connected to a network or when offline in the field, even on a smartphone or handheld mobile device
  • Reference up to three geographic coordinate systems
  • Measure length and area
  • Switch to Google Maps view when online

Capture Geo

  • Capture field observations as georeferenced points, lines, polygons, and stamps
  • Embed georeferenced multimedia such as comments, images, video, audio, and hyperlinks

Collaborate with Geo

  • Share on-the-ground intelligence and collaborate with peers in the field by simply exporting and importing shapefile, kml, or TerraGo collaboration formats from GeoPDF
  • Roundtrip field information such as georeferenced notes and multimedia files back to GIS and other enterprise systems

View GeoPDF

You can use these samples with the free TerraGo Toolbar or the free TerraGo Edge app on iOS or Android.