TerraGo Edge

Mobile Forms, Field Service and Asset Management

The only mobile platform that combines smart forms and workforce management with advanced GPS & GIS features for the fastest, most accurate inspections, surveys, audits and field data collection on the planet.

Tied to Handset

Replace Proprietary GPS Handhelds with a Modern Mobile Solution

GPS field data collection is typically performed on expensive, proprietary hardware and outdated sotware. Learn 5 Definitive Reasons to Take Advantage of the Mobile Revolution.


Deploy Affordable 3rd-Party Receivers for Any Level of Accuracy

TerraGo Edge and Compatible GPS Receivers Meet All of Your Needs at a Fraction of the Cost. Terra Edge: Your 5m, 2m, 1m, sub-meter, centimeter Mobile GPS Data Collection Solution.


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Private Label: Create a Mobile App for Your Business without Coding

This App has All the Same Industry-Leading Features of TerraGo Edge. And It’s Yours.

Your Brand. Your Logo. Your App.

The Cloud. iTunes App Store. Google Play. Billions of Devices.

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One GPS Workflow For Your Entire Mobile Workforce


Notes, Photos, Videos and more from any iPad, iPhone or Android device


Project Updates from all team members and devices in real time


Projects, Tasks and Locations from one central dashboard

Know What’s Happening Outside Your Office Walls

All the maps, forms and tools your team needs to do their jobs.
All the dashboards, status updates and project management tools you need to do yours.

Reduced GPS Data Collection and Field Operation Costs

No more waiting days, weeks or even months for an update. When a connection is available, syncing will happen in real-time so administrators and field users see updates as they work.

Create Custom Form Field Templates

Create industry-specific form fields and templates to ensure that field workers collect exactly what you need, when you need it.

Field Data Collection for the Mobile Workforce

Capture field data from remote offices, job sites or locations and sync across laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

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Defense &





Your Data.
Tagged by Location.
Pinned to a Map.

Leverage free online map services such as OpenStreetMaps, Google Maps and Bing. Share your GIS basemaps with users anywhere, even if they are offline.

What People Are Saying about TerraGo Edge

"TerraGo Edge’s ability to not only make DigitalGlobe high resolution imagery more accessible, but also allow our customers to gather and share geospatial intelligence from the field has the potential to save lives, resources, and time."
Todd Bacastow, Director of Product Management, Digital Globe

"TerraGo Edge improves the quality and velocity of data, helping our shared customers make better decisions faster.”
Ron Crean, Senior Director, Strategy & Business Development, IHS

"TerraGo Edge is a real game changer for sharing offline maps and syncing field data in ways never before possible."
Tony Sani, Chief Executive Officer, Sani-International

"TerraGo Edge is positioned to become a "go-to" solution for location-aware, map-driven, data capture and field operations."
John Kelly, President, Systems Development Group

"TerraGo Edge will revolutionize how people view, share and integrate location data into their day-to-day workflows."
Lily Xu, President, Beijing Space View Technology

“After working with great products to create and publish GeoPDF we knew that TerraGo would surprise us once again with their new offering for mobile users.”
Geert De Coensel, Managing Director at Merkator NV/SA, Belgium

The Edge of Your Enterprise is
Finally Within Reach

Easily create and instantly deploy mobile workforce apps for collecting and sharing field information across the enterprise.







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