How to Make Magic

With the TerraGo Magic app studio, end users have an easy-to-use web portal that allows them to upload logos, pick colors, select features, customize user interface labels, build & publish apps and deploy cloud-based servers at the push of a button. The entire app lifecycle is completely hands off, so you can focus on your core business, end users and customers. Magic takes care of everything else.

Clicks not Code: Easy as 1-2-3

1. Configure

Configure your app with branding, interface, language and features you want. The TerraGo Magic app studio makes it easy to brand the app itself and manage your brand in the app store. With a few clicks, you can drop in logos, select colors, customize or internationalize the interface, and preview the app. And you can manage all the descriptions, keyword and graphics that optimize your app store presence.

2. Build

Build your custom apps for native iOS, Android and Web applications. TerraGo Magic is a true “zero-code platform,” which means that you don’t need any developers to build your applications. All of the features and capabilities are pre-built software components, developed by TerraGo, and operationally proven by a global customer base. So you can easily build native mobile apps, including your private-cloud or on-premise server, without hand-coding, scripting or learning a new modeling language.

3. Deploy

Deploy your App to the AppStore, Google Play and web to reach millions of users instantly. TerraGo Magic manages your app submission process automatically and gives you one place to view and manage your app store presence. Magic is also a “platform as a service” - not only do you get your own customized product without any development, but it also takes care of building, publishing, deploying, maintaining, upgrading and operating the systems for you.