The Power of the Industry’s Open Geospatial Database...           in a File

OpenGeoPDF is a collection of technologies that combine open spatial database features and application logic within portable, intelligent maps. In essence, OpenGeoPDF is the incorporation of the Open Geospatial Consortium’s (OGC) GeoPackage standard to store feature attributes in a universally accessible PDF container. GeoPackage provides a means to store multiple vector feature classes and raster tile caches in a single file.

The Next Generation of GeoPDF

If you get all the great things about the revolutionary GeoPDF, like universal, portable, off-line access for non-GIS experts using free software, OpenGeoPDF takes this to another level with open data-driven geospatial applications for managers, analysts and end users.

GIS for the Masses

GeoPackage is gaining market traction in a variety of applications, including mobile mapping, and TerraGo is using it to provide powerful, but lightweight GIS applications and capabilities that integrate seamlessly into a variety of common document workflows, potentially making everyone in the organization a customer and a beneficiary of the work done by a GIS department.

Combining GeoPackage with PDF’s file attachment mechanism, the data stored in GeoPackage can be extracted and used for expansive applications and workflows never before possible.

Don't Take it from Us

“TerraGo’s integration of OGC GeoPackage is a leap forward for cross-platform interoperability and geospatial intelligence sharing across the entire enterprise and among different organizations. The ability to share portable containers of geographic information in an open, universal transfer format breaks down traditional barriers of proprietary software formats in a fundamentally important way.”said Paul Creaner, Examiner of Maps - GIS, An Garda Síochána, Ireland’s National Police Service