TerraGo Workgroups

GeoPDF Collaboration for Smaller Groups

The Power of GeoPDF, available for small workgroups or organizations on an affordable, annual subscription basis.

What’s New with TerraGo: OpenGeoPDF

Tap into the power of open standards and share the data behind the map with OGC GeoPackage


Enable Cost-Effective Geospatial Collaboration

TerraGo Workgroups bundles TerraGo Publisher®, TerraGo Composer® and TerraGo Toolbar® into flexible, cost-effective plans that meet the needs of small workgroups


Is TerraGo WorkGroups Right for My Organization?

Standard TerraGo Publisher and TerraGo Toolbar are designed to work with an open or unknown universe of end users.

TerraGo Workgroups is designed for organizations with a known set of users and supports a closed-loop workflow.

GeoPDF Collaboration for Smaller Groups

The power of GeoPDF available for small workgroups or organization on an affordable, annual subscription basis.

Pick a Plan and Start Collaborating Today

TerraGo Workgroups is available in a Starter Plan, which has 5 TerraGo Toolbar licenses and 1 TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS license.

Choose the Starter Plan
# of Toolbar
#of Publisher
# of Composer
Annual Cost
5 1 0 $495.00 USD

Or Build a Custom Plan to Meet Your Needs

Customize a TerraGo Workgroups Plan and add TerraGo Composer licenses
to meet you unique workflow and operational requirements

Choose a Custom Plan
Additional Toolbar Users 5 Pack/year Additional Publisher License/year Add a Composer License/year
$195.00 USD $300.00 USD $900.00 USD

Learn How to Get More From Your Maps

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Getting Started with TerraGo Workgroups

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The Definitive Guide to Sharing GIS Maps

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