TerraGo Streetlights

The Fast, Field-Proven Solution for your Smart Streetlight Projects
Use out-of-the-box, award-winning streetlight features customized for your unique project, workflow and branding requirements. Fully-integrated with Itron’s Streetlight.Vision, TerraGo Streetlights is the smart choice for your next streetlight project.

TerraGo Magic

TerraGo Magic lets partners and end users create, deploy and manage custom mobile apps without writing any code. With the TerraGo Magic app studio, organizations can rapidly build iOS, Android and web apps, fully-customized with their branding - and features tailored to their unique workflow and business processes — at a fraction of the cost of traditional development.

TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS

TerraGo Publisher® for ArcGIS® allows Esri® ArcGIS users to create portable, intelligent GeoPD maps and images that are accessible to anyone, anywhere. Receive updated map data from the field and maximize the value of GIS infrastructure.

TerraGo Publisher for Raster

TerraGo Publisher for Raster helps companies meet the challenge of sharing large geospatial raster imagery with mobile workforces. TerraGo delivers highly portable, interactive images that can be marked-up by field resources and sent back to operation headquarters.

TerraGo Composer

TerraGo Composer® allows Adobe® Acrobat® users to turn PDF maps into GeoPDFs and the ablity to compile GeoPDF mapbooks to seamlessly navigate across multiple maps, capture field data for collaboration and add location intelligence to reports.

TerraGo Toolbar

TerraGo Toolbar is a free plug-in for Adobe Reader® that allows users to access, update and share GeoPDF maps and imagery.