Drone Mapping

Drone Mapping

TerraGo’s drone solutions span diverse workflows for operators, consultants, government agencies, non-profits and enterprises in numerous industries. TerraGo solutions are being used for railway inspections, emergency response, precision agriculture, security and more. TerraGo customer Atlanta Drone even travels the world using drones to film Hollywood blockbusters and covers events for international news, while offering their expertise to a wide array of aerial video, mapping and photography projects.

TerraGo’s drone solutions help customers harness the power of aerial imagery and location to enable the collection and sharing of information and the workflows it enables in numerous industries. Drones, autonomous vehicles used for data collection, are used by an increasingly wide number of industries in a variety of applications. A common element which spans many applications is the collection of georeferenced imagery and 3D point clouds. One of the pressing issues is that this geospatial information is inaccessible to wider audiences who lack sophisticated and expensive software required to consume it. TerraGo’s GeoPDF software suite offers a number of ways to make this data more accessible, more useful, and ultimately more valuable.

A fundamental value proposition of TerraGo GeoPDF solutions is making geospatial data and derived products more widely accessible, useful, and ultimately more valuable as GeoPDF documents which in combination with TerraGo Toolbar provide a rich, interactive GIS-Lite capability to the people who consume those GeoPDF documents, enabling them to better understand the data and share their work, understanding, and insights with others.

Of course, drone imagery is part and parcel of mobile workforce operations in numerous industries like railway inspections, environmental monitoring, border security, utility management and many more. The compression, portability and intelligence of GeoPDF works seamlessly with TerraGo’s mobile platforms, TerraGo Edge and TerraGo Magic to provide a bird’s eye view to field operations in any location.


One of the earliest applications of drones was the collection of imagery. Low-cost GPS equipment, cameras, and other related sensors coupled with a variety of drone platforms have enabled unprecedented access to on-demand, georeferenced imagery for a wide variety of applications. However, much of the power of this imagery available only to the few users of complex GIS or image processing software packages. TerraGo solutions unlock this power to share it with a much wider audience and range of applications.

TerraGo can make georeferenced drone imagery immediately useful to different workflows. TerraGo Publisher for Raster can convert the imagery to a GeoPDF document for review, analysis, markup, and sharing with TerraGo Toolbar. TerraGo Edge can consume the imagery to be pushed automatically to any number of mobile clients for use in data collection, ground truthing, or other applications. TerraGo GeoPDF Platform Toolkit can be used to automate these processes as well.

Advanced Applications of Imagery

Imagery collected by drones is often incorporated into products which have value added through analysis, post-processing, or other means, which are delivered as reports. GeoPDF reports enhance the value of the products by enabling the consumers of these reports to dig into the information contained within them with the GIS-Lite capabilities of TerraGo Toolbar. TerraGo Composer can be used to generate reports interactively. TerraGo GeoPDF Platform Toolkit can automate template-generated reporting. For those who do their work inside of ArcGIS, TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS can make that work more widely useful by making it accessible to users of TerraGo Toolbar as GeoPDF documents or to TerraGo Edge workflows as Edge Notebooks.

3D Visualization

Increasingly, drones are capable of collecting 3D information with a variety of sensors. However, there is no standard, widely available software for 3D visualization. TerraGo Toolbar builds upon the 3D visualization capabilities of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader to provide rich, interactive 3D geospatial visualization experience. TerraGo Composer can combine georeferenced imagery and point clouds to create 3D models which can be used directly in a 3D GeoPDF or embedded in a report. This process can be automated using the TerraGo GeoPDF Platform Toolkit as well.


A fundamental value proposition of TerraGo Edge is allowing every employee or member of an organization to become an autonomous sensor, using a mobile device to collect information about almost any aspect of the distributed operations of an enterprise. Drones collect geospatial data that when combined with TerraGo solutions can contribute considerably to institutional knowledge, efficient operations, and better decision making of enterprises across a wide spectrum of industry sectors.