GIS Data Collection

GIS Data Collection

""TerraGo Edge helped to drastically simplify our data collection process. In the past we were forced to use multiple approaches and manually combine the data later. Because this software has both custom forms and maps, our field users could collect data all in one place. This saves us both time and money out in the field and back at the office, where we have to clean up the data. We also found TerraGo Edge to be one of the best apps available for handling offline maps. In Alaska, we are often disconnected and this was of utmost importance to us." Paul Lawrence, Research Associate at SRB&A

Mobile GIS users want a solution that is easy to use, open, scalable and continuously delivers innovation to field operations.

Our customers told us they wanted an modern mobile GIS data collection app that is drop-dead simple, and a user experience that is as straightforward as tweeting or posting to Instagram®. They also want a solution that supports all their departments’ needs, not just the GIS experts, but the field engineers, construction workers, utility crews and other mobile workers. With TerraGo Edge, they get both, and a lot more.

TerraGo Edge works seamlessly with ArcGIS ® and other GIS platforms because it was designed from the ground up to be an open solution. With GIS-specific features, file formats, OGC standards and APIs, including the industry’s gold standard for cross-platform integration, the REST API, TerraGo Edge gives you everything you would want in a GIS data collection tool, without the vendor lock-in and complex pricing models.

Many TerraGo Edge customers, like Versar, a leading environmental services firm, utilize advanced GIS features like custom mobile basemaps, while relying on the open architecture of Edge to update non-GIS databases. For Versar’s project setup, the ease of setting up forms, convenient features like form cloning, and custom basemaps means less prep work that helps accelerate project starts. Once the data are gathered, the team is able to update relational database systems and still use Esri® ArcMap® to make maps for visualization and spatial analysis.

TerraGo Edge, and TerraGo Magic provide scalability from both a technology and cost perspective. With a modern, cloud architecture and open database, TerraGo can grow to support the largest of operations and user bases. And as you grow, the low subscription costs are 100% transparent and predictable, versus hidden fees and credits that make it impossible to predict future budgets based on future needs.

TerraGo’s GIS customer base also benefits from the agile development and innovation that delivers more high-value features with several major releases per year, putting them months and years ahead of their competitors that use only platform-specific GIS solutions.