App Development

 App Development

With TerraGo Magic, customers like EnMapp are able to build and publish powerful, cloud-based mobile apps without traditional coding. With TerraGo Magic, end users use a “click not code” user interface to customize the branding and features for their unique business requirements. TerraGo customers and partners can build their own iOS, Android and web apps in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of traditional development. Once deployed, TerraGo Magic is a zero-code platform as a service meaning all development, enhancements, maintenance and support is included for 100% hands-off operations today and in the future.

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Our customers tell us that IT innovation continues to the key driver for competitive advantage. However, their IT departments are continually facing budget scrutiny at a time when their innovations are needed most.

TerraGo Magic gives IT departments a way to rapidly build apps that are customizable by design, without requiring custom code. This enables IT teams to become the “heroes” by being able to deliver on the promise of mobile innovation with a sharpened focus. With the addition of TerraGo Magic zero code apps in the toolkit, organizations free up IT staff to focus on more strategic features or enterprise-specific systems integration.

TerraGo Magic also helps alleviate IT’s pain when it comes to recruiting, training and retention. In many cases, traditional skills development has been replaced by a dependence on a single vendor platform and its complex set of tools. Learning the process modeling and component configuration of these platforms requires extensive training. Over time, finding skilled personnel with the required low-code platform experience can be more time-consuming and costly than traditional coding skills. With TerraGo Magic’s click not code interface, it is possible to deliver more apps without proprietary platform training and specialization.

One of the biggest challenges in the app lifecycle is the ongoing maintenance, operations and infrastructure costs. It can be seemingly impossible to budget for future support resources, leaving companies with adverse surprises for bug fixes, security patches and mobile OS release schedules beyond their control. With a zero code platform, the full lifecycle of software delivery and infrastructure changes are eliminated; or perhaps more accurately, reduced to a click. So it’s zero code for delivery out the door, and zero DevOps down the road.