Map Publishing & Distribution

Turn your drone images into universally available, interactive maps and applications that your end users can utilize for analysis and markup with free software on any device. Products included are TerraGo Publisher for Raster, TerraGo Composer and TerraGo Toolbar.

TerraGo Publisher for Raster

TerraGo Publisher for Raster can make the geospatial imagery collected by drones immediately more useful by converting it to GeoPDF. Whereas, GeoTIFF and other geospatial formats are useful to a very few people with sophisticated GIS and imagery processing software, GeoPDF documents are immediately useful to anyone with a PDF reader and much more so to users of TerraGo Toolbar with its sundry analysis tools and GIS-Lite capabilities.

TerraGo Publisher for Raster has a number of features which increase the utility of the GeoPDF documents that it creates, including:

  • Subsetting
  • Resolution control
  • Band separation
  • Histogram stretching

Additionally, once imagery is a GeoPDF document, it can be incorporated into other more sophisticated documents and reports or applications like GeoPDF mapbooks.

TerraGo Composer

In order for data to become actionable information, it must be placed in context. One of the most powerful contextualization devices is one of the most enduring: documents. TerraGo Composer extends the power of Adobe Acrobat to help add geospatial context to data placed in documents, enabling the content to be consumed with TerraGo Toolbar.

TerraGo Composer has a number of features which help make data collected with drones accessible and useful, including:

  • Interactive georegistration of PDF documents (2D and 3D)
  • Enabling access to TerraGo Toolbar for geospatial content in PDF documents
  • Creation of GeoPDF mapbooks from GeoPDF documents
  • Mosaicking and superposition of GeoPDF (e.g., adding imagery to an existing map)
  • Creation of 3D GeoPDF models from imagery and point clouds

TerraGo Toolbar

At the heart of TerraGo’s GeoPDF software suite is TerraGo Toolbar – software hosted in Adobe Reader which transforms otherwise relatively static documents into powerful, interactive geospatial applications with tools for markup and analysis. The GIS-Lite capabilities made available by GeoPDF and TerraGo Toolbar significantly expand the potential audience for both imagery and 3D information collected by drones.

These GIS-Lite capabilities include:

  • Display of geospatial coordinates
  • Measurement of lengths and areas
  • Creation of geospatial markup which can be shared as shapefiles or KML
  • Integration with GPS
  • Inspection and editing of GeoPackage feature attributes

By placing content into GeoPDF documents, data collected by drones can be made much more accessible, useful, and valuable with TerraGo Toolbar.