TerraGo Composer Releases

Identify Tool: TerraGo Composer 6.6.0 includes the Identify Tool for exploiting GeoPackage Feature Attributes embedded into GeoPDF documents by Publisher for ArcGIS version 6.6 and later. The new Identify Tool allows identification and inspection of geographic features stored in attached GeoPackage file databases. Invoking the identify tool looks up feature attributes for the PDF content stored in the GeoPackage and displays the attributes in the Identify dialog.

Upgraded GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) TerraGo Composer has upgraded the GDAL translator library to 1.11.0. Refer to GDAL's specifications for supported versions and limitations at https://www.gdal.org/.

Removal of TerraGo Enable:TerraGo Composer had the option of TerraGo Enabling the GeoPDF files that allowed commenting, measuring, and analysis in Adobe Reader. This feature is removed.

For a full release history, please see our TerraGo Composer Release notes.