TerraGo Toolbar Releases

Workgroup Mode:TerraGo Toolbar 6.1.0 supports the workgroup mode of licensing of TerraGo products. TerraGo Workgroups are collections of TerraGo software product designed to provide closed-loop workflows and solutions to TerraGo customers. All software products that belong to a particular TerraGo Workgroup contain a unique Workgroup ID. GeoPDF documents created by TerraGo production software that belong to a Workgroup contain permissions that are tied to that Workgroup ID. TerraGo Toolbars that belong to that Workgroup can consume those Workgroup-enabled GeoPDF documents, but will otherwise operate as the no-cost version of the Toolbar.

For a complete list of updates, view the “What defects were fixed in this release?” section of the TerraGo Toolbar Release Notes.