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AppDeveloper Magazine: Creating Customizable Apps Without a Single Line of Code

AppDeveloper Magazine: Creating Customizable Apps Without a Single Line of Code

March 29, 2017

By Mike Gundling

The decades-long trip from pencil-and-paper data collection in the field to today’s time-and-money saving mobile apps seems a blur – steps run rather than walked.

But mobile success has given rise to new challenges.  Today, tech-savvy field collectors want mobile tools that help them do their work, and IT simply can’t keep up.


  • Gartner reports that demand for mobile apps is five times greater than current IT capacity to deliver them.
  • In January, mobile app developer was at the top of CNN’s list of best jobs for 2017. Scarce skills are driving top-collar salaries.

AppDeveloper Magazine recently featured a guest article from TerraGo about how the TerraGo Magic zero-code platform is providing a way to resume that quick pace while taking pressure off IT app developers. TerraGo Magic’s click-not-code technology can help “citizen-developers” turn out apps that are customized both to the job and to the company doing that job. It can do so in minutes and hours, rather than the weeks and months of work by app-development specialists using low-code procedures.

TerraGo Magic is fomenting a cultural revolution in IT, causing departments to need to think less of turf protection and more of finding ways to integrate the easy-build apps into systems that facilitate data collection and analysis.

We are spurring that momentum by providing TerraGo Magic updates every 4-6 weeks. Each update responds to customers’ expressed needs, and each is absorbed into existing apps through a hands-off, managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment. PaaS helps facilitate apps’ agility while lowering costs over their lifetime, making yet another contribution to the organization’s bottom line.

TerraGo Magic is also bringing organizations off the sidelines and into the game against more wealthy competitors who have had the resources to exploit traditional and low-code app development tools to their advantage.

For many, the evolution of mobile data collection has been slowed by the IT backlog.   With TerraGo Magic, our customers can get out in front of the evolution, offering organizations and their IT departments time- and money-saving solutions.   You just have to think differently about how apps get built…..and who does the building.

To read the full AppDeveloper Magazine article, please click here.  In addition, to learn more about how TerraGo Magic can help you develop apps faster, reduce time to market, and cut your costs by 90 percent, please click here.