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Augmented Reality (in Reverse)

Augmented Reality (in Reverse)

May 11, 2016

By George Demmy

The United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) is once again hosting its highly regarding GEOINT Symposium next week in Orlando, Fla. This year’s theme is “The GEOINT Revolution,” which will focus on how geospatial solutions have reached near ubiquity in all aspects of our lives – and how new innovations will shape the future. 

TerraGo is hosting a “Lightning Talk” about how cloud-based solutions are bringing augmented reality networks to life, given by yours truly. When thinking about AR in context of what we do at TerraGo, I didn’t have to squint much to see the similarities and possibilities for incorporating AR paradigms into our products, especially our Edge mobile clients. However, one thing we do really well is AR in reverse – taking your perspective, your reality, capture it in a note, and seamlessly share it back with the mothership or with your peers. Instead of having a widget pop up on your Nexus (indicating where something might be), you take your Nexus, capture what’s on the screen and share what you see, not with the Twitterverse or whatever the hip kids are using these days, but on your own private Twitteresque-system for aggregating and organizing structured and unstructured observations with your distributed team. It’s a very concrete manifestation of the aspiration to “make every soldier a sensor,” with the liberty to substitute first responder, stocking clerk, trucker, leak detection contractor, appraiser, detective, security guard, foreman, store manager, you name it, for soldier, depending on the context. To push relevant content to someone to implement AR, you need just that relevant content, and Edge helps generate relevant content in ways no other system does. I guess we do enable cloud-based augmented reality networks, if you squint.  

UPDATE: Watch the GEOINT Symposium Lightning Talk, “Enabling Cloud-Based Augmented Reality Networks,” held on Sunday, May 15, 2016 here.