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Bringing Higher Precision GPS to End Users on Smartphone and Tablets

Bringing Higher Precision GPS to End Users on Smartphone and Tablets

February 11, 2015

By Mike Gundling

There is a seismic shift happening where major enterprises are moving away from using proprietary GPS devices that are costly and require specialized training to manage and operate Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

As a result of this shift, we now have more nimble providers who offer GPS units designed for iOS and mobile apps that are highly cost-effective and play a critical role in helping organizations easily leverage field data to enhance decision-making. 

When cutting-edge data collection app solutions are integrated with these next-generation handheld devices, then organizations can truly unlock the power of geospatial data collection and management.   

Today, TerraGo announced that it has partnered with Bad Elf, a manufacturer of these types of GPS units. Through the partnership, customers can now have an integrated field data collection solution with a superior feature set and survey-grade precision at a fraction of the cost of proprietary GPS handhelds.

“We see tremendous opportunity by combining our GPS receivers with the TerraGo Edge mobile apps and platform,” said John Cunningham, CEO, Bad Elf.  “Combining independent GPS receivers that meet your precision requirements with a mobile app, like TerraGo, on mobile platforms, delivers the future today to meet your operational requirements.”

“Bad Elf has created a range of GPS receivers that meets the needs of our business and engineering customers,” said Dave Basil, Vice Present of Products and Services, TerraGo. “Our products work together seamlessly out of the box today, but our technology partnership means we will continue collaborating and bring our customers additional features and innovation unavailable from current handheld manufacturers.”

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