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Field Data Collection Brought to Life in Africa

Field Data Collection Brought to Life in Africa

February 10, 2015

By David Basil

Recent studies have shown that 11 percent of households still remain without power in South Africa – which reinforces how challenging it is to provide access to electricity. Now, however, utility contractor Prime Electrical is working to enhance its field data collection capabilities to help bring electricity to rural areas in this region.  

The company is now using TerraGo Edge for all field surveying and data collection projects.  These complex projects require accurate location surveys as well as a rigorous on-site approval and documentation workflow that traditional GPS handhelds cannot accommodate. 

Thanks to TerraGo Edge, Prime Electrical has been able to use a single solution to address multiple operational issues including data collection, site reports, customer service, data timeliness and offline access to maps and diagrams for field crews. The organization could also deploy it quickly, with no need for wide-scale crew trainings. Prime Electrical has already seen benefits in job quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

“TerraGo Edge has not only made our reporting and data collection more accurate, but it has allowed Prime Electrical field crews to be more efficient and effective,” said Marius Jansen Van Vuuren, Chief of Operations - Drilling Division, Prime Electrical. “We were able to roll out the solution quickly, due to its low price point and minimal training. Now, we get documentation and reports directly from field crews that allow us to start projects faster, obtain funding in half the time and give our customers step-by-step progress on their electrical projects.” 

Thankfully, with the right geospatial field data collection solutions, it is possible to overcome some of the most significant operational challenges when it comes to providing electricity to rural regions around the globe.  

Prime Electrical is a key example of how to streamline key processes and procedures for achieving this laudable goal.

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