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No More GPS Handhelds: Mobile App with Esri’s ArcGIS Integration

No More GPS Handhelds: Mobile App with Esri’s ArcGIS Integration

February 24, 2015

By David Basil

In response to more and more enterprises moving away from owning and operating proprietary handheld GPS devices, TerraGo is taking another step towards providing enhanced field data collection and management flexibility. 


The company announced today that it has partnered with RazorTek, a leading GIS and remote sensing consulting firm specializing in design. Through this new partnership, TerraGo Edge users can easily integrate their mobile field data with Esri ArcGIS.

“We see a great opportunity to help our customers utilize TerraGo Edge for field data collection on their smart phones and tablets,” said Dan Rodriguez, CEO, RazorTek.  “The nice thing about TerraGo Edge is that it replaces proprietary GPS handhelds with a simple mobile solution at a fraction of the cost, and it works seamlessly with Esri ArcGIS out of the box.”

“RazorTek is an industry expert for deploying advanced remote sensing and GIS solutions,” said John Timar, Vice President, Worldwide Sales, TerraGo. “TerraGo Edge gives the RazorTek team a cost-effective mobile solution that can deliver cm-level accuracy or whatever the RazorTek customer needs, while leveraging their existing ArcGIS investment.” 

RazorTek is an authorized reseller of TerraGo products and also offers a range of geospatial technology software and services including GIS services, aerial photography, satellite imagery and LiDAR. 

To learn more about this partnership, please click here.