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Publisher for ArcGIS Server ® – Opening GIS Clouds to the non-GIS Masses

Publisher for ArcGIS Server ® – Opening GIS Clouds to the non-GIS Masses

October 8, 2015

By Dave Basil

Our customers (over 2,000 organizations around the world…and growing every day) overwhelmingly use ArcGIS as their enterprise GIS platform. And they consistently tell us that one of the most powerful enhancements to ArcGIS for Server® was the introduction of ArcPy®. Based on Python, ArcPy helps our customers with both rapid prototyping and large enterprise applications. It makes it super easy for ArcGIS developers to implement map automation and expose ArcGIS functions as dynamic web services to licensed applications. ArcGIS users get on-demand access to updated maps and geospatial data.  

Our customers also tell us that what they love most about TerraGo is we give them the ability to share their most important ArcGIS maps and data with the much (MUCH) larger non-GIS user community. And this makes their work more relevant, more valuable and more available to more people in the organization. With TerraGo GeoPDF, non-GIS users can access rich ArcGIS data and use lightweight GIS tools (this means they can do cool things you normally can only do in ArcGIS like turning layers on/off, taking measurements, searching and updating feature attributes, “redline-ing” maps, inserting hyperlinks and much more). And they can do all that with the free Adobe Reader and free TerraGo Toolbar. No specialized software needed. No license required. No training necessary. And they can take it all offline. No network. No problem.   

GeoPDF has made our ArcGIS users very popular among executives, field users and other non-GIS users. Maybe too popular. Our customers get a lot of requests for GeoPDF-based maps. And a lot of requests for custom GeoPDF’s with regular updates, monthly, weekly, even daily.  So they asked us to help them automate GeoPDF production and give non-GIS users on-demand access to customized maps and lightweight GIS applications for the masses.  

So we listened to our customers. And we learned from ArcPy. We call it PubPy and it’s available with our Publisher for ArcGIS 6.8 release – in both desktop and server environments. 

Our new PubPy extensions make it easier than ever for Esri ArcGIS® users to create web-based portals that provide on-demand, customized maps and lightweight GIS applications to all enterprise and mobile users. So it’s everything our customers love about GeoPDF. And it leverages what they love about ArcGIS for Server®. And it makes being a wildly popular GIS expert less of a burden ☺