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Speed on Tap

Speed on Tap

March 17, 2016

By Mike Gundling

When you have thousands or even millions of assets under management, like many of our utilities, energy, engineering and government customers, inspections consume a lot of man-hours and a lot of money. That’s why our customers asked us to help them accelerate mobile inspections in the TerraGo Edge user interface.  

The first leap was the smart forms which, sort of like TurboTax, simplifies the data being collected based on your answers.  So you remove the clutter. You don’t just recreate your paper forms for mobile users. You take advantage of an incredibly intuitive user-friendly app to build forms that help you work smarter and work faster. The quality of the work and the data itself improves. What used to take hours, takes minutes.  The latest leap with TerraGo Edge is QuickNote!. QuickNotes are one-tap smart forms that react to the job at hand to minimize steps and improve quality of data captured in the field. Here’s how it works, you configure your job or project Notebook with a QuickNote! setting, that lets the user drop the right smart form on their current location with one-tap. Then with smart forms, they complete the inspection faster than ever based on their answers. When you compare this to your paper forms, or even other mobile data collection apps, like Collector for ArcGIS® and Avenza® PDF Maps®, the speed adds up quickly to help you save money and improve service in the field. So now, audits, surveys, inspections, work orders and more can be done faster and better than ever.  Removing little steps is a giant leap for productivity…

Watch this on-demand demo to learn about the new QuickNote! feature in TerraGo Edge version 3.9.2. View Demo.