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TerraGo Edge 3.4 brings advanced GPS capabilities

TerraGo Edge 3.4 brings advanced GPS capabilities

February 17, 2015

By Neil Quinn

For many people, the basic GPS in their iPhone or Android device is good enough to collect location-based notes. You can collect data with around 5m of accuracy, and glance at a map to verify that it looks correct.

There are, however, many professionals that require better accuracy and more detailed information when they are in the field. 

First, we added a real-time GPS monitor that will show your current accuracy level, number of locked satellites (Android), heading, and latitude/longitude. With this monitor, you can watch as the accuracy fluctuates, and capture the location once you are satisfied with the current level.

We're also working to pull in extended location data from 3rd party GPS receivers. Starting in 3.4 we have Bad Elf data available, and in the future we'll be supporting additional detail from the professional centimeter grade receivers like SXBlue and EOS.

"But I already have a high accuracy device"

That's probably true - but do you like the user interface? Why did you have to buy an expensive device if you already have a $700 smartphone in your pocket? Your required accuracy should only dictate which GPS receiver you need - not the entire platform.