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Utility Products Magazine: Building Smarter Apps for Smart Utilities and Cities


January 15, 2018

By Summer Benish

In the aftermath of the most disastrous hurricane season in memory, utilities are including lessons learned in plans to cope with the next emergency. Those plans can dovetail with emerging networked capability built into smart city projects that use elements of the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide data to drive emergency response, direct maintenance and repair, and manage resources.

In “Building Smarter Apps for Smart Utilities and Cities,” an article for the November/December edition of Utility Products magazine, Tom Rogers and Joe Madej of Seiler Instrument write about their company being in the vanguard of tool-providers for utility plans for the future with Field2GIS, a custom-built mobile app to facilitate collection and use of smart data. Field2GIS uses the TerraGo Magic zero-code platform to help utilities configure – not develop – an app that is customized for their operations and processes.

The goal is a smart, paperless process that allows rich data collection and sharing between the field and home office, between inspectors and engineers and between systems such as smart grid distribution management systems (DMS), operations management systems (OMS), geographic information systems (GIS), asset management systems (AMS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

The Seiler Instrument app also recognizes that utilities aren’t software developers and that software developers aren’t utilities experts.

“We built a platform, but Seiler is the engineering and field data collection expert,” said Mike Gundling, TerraGo’s vice president for product management. “Their customers know and trust them. They know the right tools for getting the job done in the field. At the end of the day, we’ve created a platform and they can customize it and deploy it with an understanding of the industry and workflows that, frankly, we don’t possess. They infuse their knowledge into that platform and make it their own, or more to the point, their customers.”

The Field2GIS app, with TerraGo Magic, enables utilities to make smart moves to use smart data from fast-growing smart cities capabilities.

Click here to read the full Utility Products magazine article. If you are a utility executive, and would like more information about how TerraGo can help developing mobile apps that facilitate the collection and use of smart data, please contact us here.