TerraGo Edge Features

TerraGo Edge is the industry’s first mobile platform to combine smart forms and workforce management with advanced GPS & GIS features.

With TerraGo Edge, you hold in your hands the fastest-growing, field-tested and operationally-proven set of advanced mobile app features available in the market.

Here are just some of the operationally-proven features you can get with TerraGo Edge:

Data Collection

  • Native iOS, Android and web applications
  • Location-based notes
  • Attach forms, photos, videos and more
  • Custom project notebooks with maps, forms and access control
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Share PDF Reports via Dropbox, email

Smart Forms

  • Industry-specific form templates
  • Drag & drop smart form builder
  • Signature/barcode/QR code support
  • Repeating fields and groups
  • Required, conditional & calculated fields
  • Enforce quality assurance policies
  • Dynamic field search

Workflow & Task Management

  • Task management
  • iOS and Android task notifications
  • Assignment, status and due date reporting
  • User locator
  • Proximity task assignments
  • One click site reports with QuickNote!
  • Filter task notes


  • Free online basemaps including Google, Apple and more
  • Build and import offline basemaps
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Waypoint guidance and proximity alerts
  • WMS map overlays
  • "Open In" GeoPDF on mobile
  • Measurement tool for distances, perimeters and areas of all features
  • Import drone and other imagery


  • GNSS integration with Trimble, Topcon, Eos, CHC and more
  • Laser range finder support
  • Sub-meter and cm-level accuracy
  • Real-time GPS Monitor
  • Full NMEA GPS metadata display and capture
  • GPS Accuracy Settings
  • RTK support
  • Auto-record GPS Lines and Polygons
  • Import & Export Esri File Geodatabase, Shapefile, KML, CSV, JSON
  • OGC GeoPackage (SQLite) Vector & Raster

Platform Integration & Admin

  • GIS & CAD integration
  • Web Feature Service
  • Web Mapping Service
  • Open database architecture
  • ArcGIS® Online, Desktop, Server and Portal Access
  • Data synchronization reports
  • User license & device management
  • Self Service Knowledge Base