OpenGeoPDF vs. Geospatial PDF

  Capabilities OpenGeoPDF Geospatial PDF
Collaboration TerraGo Toolbar compatible  
  Attach feature attributes as embedded GeoPackage spatial database  
  Display GeoPackage feature attributes  
  Advanced search and filter GeoPackage feature attributes  
  Update feature attributes stored in GeoPackage  
  Export GeoPackage database for data interchange/use in other applications  
  Import/export markups associated as
shape files to/from ArcGIS, etc.
  Import/export markups associated as
kml to Google Earth
  Import/export markups and associated
files as xml collaboration payloads
to/from geospatial applications
and Usability
Display multiple geographic coordinates
  Select coordinate systems and display up to three  
  Continuous coordinate display  
  Superior compression for small file size
  High-quality imagery and vector display
  GPS integration  
  Link to Google Maps  
  One-click object data selection  
  Add points, lines and polygons
  Add points, lines, polygons and stamps
with geospatial context
  Embed multimedia and documents with
geospatial context
Specifications Compatible with ISO 32000 and proposed
extensions for geospatial PDF
  Compatible with OGC best practices (08-139r2)  
  Compatible with OGC GeoPackage encoding standard  
Custom selection of data, attributes and layers
from geospatial applications
  Layering from geospatial applications
  Fine control of layer output from geospatial applications  
  Hyperlink preservation from ArcGIS  
  Scale-dependent feature visibility during export  
  Multiple map frames and coordinate systems  
  Preserves vector graphics and text, maintaining styles,
symbols and fonts
  Compressed or tiled images for fast display
  Superior control of raster imagery output  
Geo-applications scripting logic  
  Compatible with georeferenced 3D PDF files  
  Optimize for mobile device display  
  Mobile collaboration capability  
  Advanced map book composition capability  
  Server-based publication capabilities
Customer Support Live call center support for
GeoPDF/geospatial PDF creation and use