TerraGo Publisher for Raster

Deliver Satellite and Drone Imagery for Any Workflow

Publisher for Raster is the only application on the market which can transform geospatial imagery into interactive GeoPDF applications, with 1:100 compression, while maintaining quality, that can be consumed, analyzed and marked up with free software clients and mobile apps.

Share, Access & Update GeoPDF Maps.
Anywhere. On Any Device. For Free.

Open up a world of possibilities for end users to view and update GeoPDF maps, imagery, CAD diagrams and more - from Windows desktops to iOS and Android.
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Create GeoPDF Maps Accessible by Anyone with Adobe Reader

Maximize the value of the industry’s leading GIS platform and start collaborating with anyone, anywhere, today.

Embed Hyperlinks, Photos and Multimedia

Transform static maps and imagery into powerful geospatial applications by hyperlinking to documents, photos and files on a shared server



Form Fields



Geo Marks

Compress Imagery & Data into Compact File Sizes

Turn high-resolution satellite imagery and other large complex data sets measured in gigabytes and terabytes into manageable file sizes measured in megabytes.

Share GeoPDFs with Offline Users in Remote Locations

Optimize GeoPDF maps to fully function on laptops and mobile devices - without requiring internet connectivity.

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