Workforce Management

Workforce Management

Empire Electric revolutionized their management of remote work crews and sites by leveraging the real-time location of workers. With a view into worker location, supervisors could inspect work, approve change orders and even bring customers onto the job site “virtually” to see photos and videos, saving time and money.

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A growing number of TerraGo customers utilize TerraGo Edge and TerraGo Magic apps as a workforce management tool. While some companies have legacy workforce management software, the location-enabled features of TerraGo mobile solutions deliver quality, efficiency, productivity and safety benefits not previously available with outdated scheduling software.

For an arborist services company, with widely dispersed teams responding to emergency power outage conditions, they need to see their mobile crews work sites before and after the job is done. With TerraGo Edge, they get pictures of the work sites before and after the debris is cleared of power lines and roads, so they can coordinate with utilities and law enforcement with real-time location reports.

For a construction company managing electrical and other contractors, they need to get a view of the job site and eliminate over-billing and absenteeism. With TerraGo Edge, they can monitor worker locations and get photo evidence of completed work from every punch list on every job site. This gives them a powerful tool for reducing time theft, improving work quality, accelerating task time to completion, coordinating tasks and lowering costs.

For a local water utility management company, a customer reports a valve leak at a particular location. From the TerraGo Edge dashboard, our customer can quickly locate this particular valve on a map and drop a pin on the location. From the same TerraGo Edge dashboard, the customer can also see the exact location of field crews, thus allowing them to assign the task to the closest field worker to fix the leaking valve (again, all from the same dashboard). The field worker receives a task note on their mobile device with the location tagged asset that needs attention, a due date and the status for that particular task.

That’s all it takes. 3 Simple Steps. Locate the utility asset, assign the task, notify the closest worker, all from one dashboard, in less than two minutes. No more calling workers asking them where they are and no more tasks getting delayed due to poor response time.

To make this process even easier to understand and help you see the benefits in real-time, we’ve created a video of a task management workflow in pavement repair scenario. Watch video.

In just about every industry imaginable, TerraGo Edge and TerraGo Magic apps use the power of worker location to help our customers reduce costs, increase productivity, improve quality and enhance safety by tracking and collaborating with your mobile workers.