"The first big motivator for our switch to mobile was the stream assessments. We wanted to be able to see our real-time position and the stream lines displayed on a custom basemap, as we walk the area; and be able to capture data and geo-referenced photos instantly." said Brennan Smith, Environmental Scientist at Versar.

To put it simply, the government has upped the ante with new technology. It is no longer acceptable to do things the same way that they’ve been done for the past 50 years. We work in a mobile world where we carry powerful devices every day that enable inspection, collaboration and sharing location-based observations in ways never before possible.

From the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), Water LEAD Act, to the recent PIPEs Act, new mandates abound for digital data collection and reporting during routine compliance monitoring, asset inspections, and safety audits. Requirements are not limited to the environmental and heavy industrial sectors regulated by the EPA, USDOT, and DOE. They extend broadly across our economy. Think local airports and farmers. Everybody needs to get onboard. And more and more TerraGo customers are doing just that. But rather than being dragged kicking and screaming, while deploying mobile compliance solutions, they’re using the opportunity to revolutionize and streamline operations.

In fact, government regulations are helping drive a revolution in business mobility in many sectors. Many customers contact us somewhere down the road in the process of their enterprise mobile transformation…typically, after a few false starts.

For a flexible solution that supports enterprise compliance, you will need a mobile platform that is open (so it can bolt onto any system and work with common data standards), highly customizable (so you can build new forms as requirements emerge while avoiding the limitations of single purpose systems), cloud-enabled (this is a big part of preventing data loss, which will cost you lots of time and money), and easy to administer (so you easily provide access to employees, contractors, or even the feds, while also tracking the revision histories of data collected).

Due to the massive variety of customers and projects, our mobile forms are used for a dizzying variety of regulatory compliance, engineering and data collection requirements. Even with a single customer TerraGo Edge has been used to create forms specifically tailored to very different lines of business and requirements. From the complex regulatory forms like US Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Regulatory Assistance Program (WRAP) to the Pipelines and Enhancing Safety (PIPES) ACT to the Clean Water Act and the myriad of commercial, customer-defined data forms, companies and government agencies can provide field teams with the right forms, maps and required GPS accuracy, all from the users’ smartphones and tablets. By deploying TerraGo Edge or TerraGo Magic apps, they can do more than achieve minimal compliance and get an ROI from an open mobile solution.

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