Field Service

Prime Electrical

"TerraGo Edge has not only made our reporting and data collection more accurate, but it has allowed Prime Electrical field crews to be more efficient and effective. We were able to roll out the solution quickly, due to its low price-point and little, to no need for training." - Marius Jansen van Vuuren, Chief of Operations, Drilling Division at Prime Electrical

For organizations with massive field service operations and widely distributed assets, the challenge is how to efficiently coordinate construction, maintenance and outage response. In all cases, the shared understanding of asset, crew and resource locations is required.

In the past, when field service issues occurred and repair or maintenance was needed, field crews would be dispatched to identify and implement a solution. With their “flat” map system housed in a GIS or Computer-Aided Design (CAD) environment, crews would heavily rely on radio communications with the command center. The command center personnel would search the GIS or CAD database for the impacted distribution network components to help locate the root cause and identify a solution to the problem. After the crews identified a solution and determined what materials and equipment they needed, they would return to their service center to collect the needed materials and then head back out to the problem location to correct it. Those were a lot of time-consuming steps to solve a single issue.

Field service organizations need personnel and field crews to be able to access and query data in the field, at any work site. The solution needs to work for personnel with no GIS or CAD expertise, specialized software or proprietary hardware. It needs to be available from any location, even offline when the user was unable to access any network. For many organizations, the answer is a collaborative, dynamic and searchable GeoPDF basemap database that can be shared with all toughbooks, tablets and smartphone users in the field. The combination of GeoPDF and TerraGo Edge (or apps built by TerraGo Magic) is a game-changer for field service workflows like electric utilities, water treatment, environmental monitoring, construction, agriculture, security and more.