Lightweight GIS

Lightweight GIS

"ArcGIS is great, but not everyone has the software or the training to effectively use it. By complementing our ArcGIS work with TerraGo GeoPDF, we are able to easily share our GIS information, along with lightweight GIS features like layer control, measurements and markups, while providing a forum for sharing feedback with everyone, whether they have ArcGIS or not. The nice thing for the end user is that it’s all accessed with free, universally available software in Adobe Reader." - James Cokinos, GIS coordinator and geologist for Multi-Physics at CGG. Learn More.

GIS professionals create amazingly detailed, accurate, cartographic quality information that can be visualized and analyzed in any number of ways to model complex problems, perform “what if” scenarios, identify hidden patterns and answer questions in ways not possible without GIS.

Yet many organizations are still sharing all that rich GIS information as paper maps or flat images in a PowerPoint, so a lot of that intelligence gets lost on the way to the GIS department’s most important stakeholders.

In most cases, it’s simply not practical to purchase GIS software for every employee or train every end user to use it effectively. But there is a better way. And we call it GIS-Lite. GIS-Lite is a simple, but incredibly important concept for our customers with GIS. With GIS-Lite, you can create an interactive GeoPDF map that is a free, self-contained, lightweight GIS application for users without any specialized software or training.

This means your GIS work is more accessible and more valuable – to more users. And all those end users can interact with it using lightweight GIS tools, for free. Now that’s a win-win.