Mobile Forms

Mobile Forms

Because different customer projects had very different regulatory and data collection requirements, Kleinfelder, one of the world’s leading engineering, science and architectural consulting firms with nearly 2,000 employees, needed the ability to customize survey forms for each project. Again, the TerraGo Edge solution enabled them to create forms specifically tailored to each project or study. From the US Army Corps of Engineers Wetland Regulatory Assistance Program (WRAP) standards to customer-defined data forms, Kleinfelder could provide field teams with the right forms, maps and required GPS accuracy, all from the users’ iPads.

More and more TerraGo customers are using TerraGo Edge and Magic to make the first major step to digital transformation by converting paper forms to mobile e-forms. And they end up doing much more than saving paper. Mobile forms provide clear measurable benefits in productivity, data quality, efficiency, cost savings and also eliminate environmental waste. Many of our customers have reengineered data collection by not simply converting a paper form to a mobile form field-by-field, but taking advantage of the intelligence and on-board features of the mobile devices.

TerraGo Edge customers tell us our smart forms make data collection incredibly easy for the novice user while maintaining the functionality for an advanced workflow, where conditional logic and other features can reduce the number of end user actions (taps, swipes, data entry) by an order of magnitude. Between agile development, avid user feedback, analyzing the other mobile form builders in the market, and rethinking the process of form building and data collection across a variety of industries, TerraGo mobile forms capabilities have benefitted from rapid, continuous innovation. For this reason, TerraGo mobile forms solutions have been consistently praised by our most demanding customers as a measurable cost saving ROI and a competitive advantage for their operations.

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With TerraGo Edge, customers get a super-easy drag and drop form builder that they can use to recreate paper forms on mobile. But it’s also full of features from conditional logic, required field management, barcode/QR code scanning, automated repeating fields and more.

With all these advanced form features, TerraGo customers can streamline the data collection process even further and reduce the time it takes to process and compile data in the back office.